Yehuda Aschkenasy’s words after hearing my composition ‘Jerusalem’

‘When I heard this music, I felt that it was an expression of love and of solidarity. I was overwhelmed. It brought to mind an experience I had in Jerusalem, as I stood one sultry morning at the Wailing Wall, deep in prayer. Suddenly a chill came over me, but I don’t recall which text I was reciting, but I could not explain it as Iit was a hot day. As I walked away, however, it became clear to me: the words I had spoken and the wall where I stood were bound to one another by an invisible bridge of millions of souls, already long on their way with dreams, with laughter, with tears. They resolutely cling to the dream of the prophets, to return to that place in order to make its significance tangible. After hearing this music I had the same feeling: these are the invisible bonds, sustained on musical notes, that keep the yearning and the dream alive. The words and the notes are so wondrously interwoven. Only an artist can accomplish this. The words and the notes embrace all those dreams. How? That is, in fact, the mystery. But it is so, dear friends.’

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